Visiting the Wilds

Up in Ohio with the grandchildren.

Lenny and I took them up to The Wilds, a safari-like zoo in Eastern Ohio. The area is over 10,000 acres of fenced in fields where wild and exotic animals roam. After we parked, we boarded a series of buses which took us over hills and dales. It’s like a safari experience but the animals are no longer wild because they can’t catch their own prey; they’re fed. As we were told, that’s because they’re a zoo and zoos don’t allow animals to kill other animals.

Still we saw giraffes and camels up close. Wild horses scampered around and antelopes did play in the fields. American bisons off in the distance.

The Wilds is run by a nonprofit organization, which received the land from American Electric Power Company. The power company had strip mined the land and had taken out everything they could out of it, then turned it over to the nonprofit. The rolling hills were covered with grass with a few shrubs. There were few trees since the soil was a few inches deep. But it was a good use of land, better than a housing development. There’s probably no market for houses in this remote part of Ohio.

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