Great Smoky Mountains Association granola bar

GSMA trail barGreat Smoky Mountains Association rolled out a new granola bar. It’s sold at most visitor centers in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Ever since the Clingmans Dome Information opened, visitors have been asking for a trail.

It seems that walking the half-mile to the top of the tower just made them famished. After testing out many bars, Joe L., the product manager at the Association, chose the Olympic Granola Bar.

It’s a chewy bar that comes in several flavors, all very tasty. I’m not very good at reviewing food. Either it’s good or I’m not going to eat it. Food adjectives just escapes me. So I’ll let Backpackers review do the talking about this bar.

I looked at the ingredient list and they’re all ingredients I can pronounce, starting with rice.

But be careful. This is not an office or snack bar. You’d better be hiking. At 380 calories, the bar is two servings. Are you going to keep half of it for tomorrow? I don’t know. It is good.

So when you’re in the Park. Stop at the visitor center and buy a couple. You’ll be aiding the Park while aiding your energy and appetite.

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