Potato Chips Makes you Fat

MST hike-Group June, 2011

Last week, the following article, entitled Heavier? Go light on the chips  appeared in the Asheville Citizen-Times

Adults gain an average of almost a pound a year as they age, and much of that weight gain is caused by changes in diet such as extra servings of foods like potato chips, french fries, sugar-sweetened drinks, white bread and low-fiber breakfast cereals, says the largest, most comprehensive study of diet and weight gain in adults.

Other contributors include decreased intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other minimally processed foods; less physical activity; more time spent watching TV; and poor sleep habits. The study provides the strongest evidence yet that weight gain is caused primarily by dietary and lifestyle choices, says senior author Frank Hu, a professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Here’s the original study. I would have put a link to the article but the Citizen-Times only keeps its articles on the web for a week.

Back to the findings. Huh?? Did anyone believe that just aging makes you fat?

No. It’s an equation. Calories out have to be at least as much as calories in. And yes, the study says, there are bad foods. Potato chips, french fries (which have nothing to do with French cooking) and sodas are manufactured foods that are bad for any living thing. I haven’t touched a potato chip since I was 12 years old and memorized the calorie tables. I declared potato chips as just not eatable and that was way before Michael Pollen’s books.

The picture above is of Carolina Mountain Club members on a recent hike. Except for the fellow in the back, we’re all over 60 and most over 70. Medical research only looks at sick people; they never look members of outdoor clubs that hike (or bike or canoe) week-in or week-out. We may not win races but we’re out on the trail all year round.


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