Too many mountains, not enough time

MST NC House of Rep CertificateHaving just finished the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, I’m trying hard, really hard, not to think about my next hiking challenge.

I’m going on Carolina Mountain Club hikes and preparing for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Biennial Meeting.

I’m putting together my hiking resume, a list of hiking trails and challenges that I’ve done over the years.

I completed my first challenge in 1978, the New Hampshire 4000 footers and I think I still have my certificate someplace.

My A.T. and Smokies 900 certificates were laminated and are hanging on the wall. I haven’t even gotten the Mountains-to-Sea Trail certificate; it’s given out by Friends of the MST at the annual meeting in February. I did receive a beautiful certificate from the North Carolina House of Representatives which I had laminated. See above.

What other trails or hiking challenges should I include in this CV?

I’ve already decided that if I’ve only done part of a trail, I won’t include it. I’ve done part of the GR5 in France, the  Southwest Way in England and 2/3 of the Long Trail in Vermont. The last one really bugs me. A long hard week of backpacking and I could add it to my resume.

But I’m going to include all the distinct multi-day trails  that I’ve done. 

Now, looking toward the future.

Should I sample many trails or concentrate on completing a few trails? I know I never want to repeat any long trails that I’ve done. I respect hikers who walk the A.T. several times but there are so many other places to hike.

I can explain doing the Milford Track in New Zealand three times – honest. That was only four days of walking. But I can’t see redoing a six month trail.

This hiking CV will keep me busy for a while and keep me from thinking about my next hiking challenge.



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