Are people really concerned about the environment?

MacDonald Cup - extra

Sometimes I wonder if people are really concerned about the environment or if it’s just hype and Ashevillians. Maybe not even Ashevillians.

Consider two cases.

Today I drove from home to New Bern, stopping at Moores Creek National Battlefield, a subject for another day. It’s a long drive. I travel with a hot cup and a water bottle. My route took me to South Carolina where I stopped at a McDonald for coffee.

I handed my red hot cup to a sales assistant and asked for decaf. He proceeded to put the coffee into a disposable cup and said that I should pour it into my cup myself.

“But wait,” I said. “Just give me the coffee into my mug and save a disposable cup.”

“I can’t do that,” he said.

“Why not? Is it a McDonald policy?

“No,”he said. “Health department.”

What!! I know it’s not true in North Carolina because I get at Starbucks and local coffee shops with my mug all the time. They encourage it. On my way home, I’m going to stop in a NC McDonald and test it out.

Exhibit #2. Yesterday I took a good travel backpack back to REI.

“The pack is great,” I said “but a buckle broke. Could you replace the buckle?”

After a lot of trying and looking, the clerk at REI could not find the same buckle. An 80 cent item but they couldn’t replace it.

“You can return the pack,” he said “and we’ll give you a new one.”

“A new pack for a broken buckle? It doesn’t make sense.”

So I took the pack home and I’m going to try to do without that particular buckle.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone really cares or thinks about the trash we’re generating for no reason at all.

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