Taking care of the elderly on the A.T.


Yesterday was another 90+ degree day.

I listened to the local news on WLOS, our local ABC affiliate and they were suggesting that we look in on the elderly and on pets. What elderly were they talking about?

I went on the Carolina Mountain Club hike on the Appalachian Trail from Jones Meadow to Allen Gap in Tennessee. We walked over 9 miles. The leader, Carroll, is 81 years old – that’s the guy on the left with the bandanna on his head. All of us were over 50, some way over 50. So which elderly were they talking about?

It was hot and we were all dripping. Again the media told us to stay indoors and to curtail physical activities. It seems that the mainstream media tells us to stay indoors when it’s hot, when it’s cold, when the pollen is high … But we kept on walking. Maggie was training for trip to Yosemite and carried a 30lbs backpack. She kept up with the rest of us.

AThike20110720-littlelaurelshelterWe had lunch at Little Laurel Shelter and hit the real high temperatures in the afternoon. But the Turks cap lilies were magnificent.

We discussed whether we were seeing white bee balm or another member of the mint family.

AThike20110720-Becky and MaggieAt the end, Carroll and Jay, the other driver, had to pick up the car at the beginning of the trail. Carroll had brought cut-up watermelon in a cooler and we enjoyed it while they drove back up to Jones Meadow.

And we’ll be back on the trail in a couple of days, no matter how hot it is.


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