Traveling Grandmas

traveling grandma

I’m off to Ohio to take my granddaughter to Family Nature Summits. It will be our second year at this great camp. The camp moves around each year and this time, it will be located at the YMCA of the Ozarks. Yes, it will be hot.

When I stopped at a Starbucks in Virginia on my way to Ohio, I met Linda and Ethan. See above. Linda was Ethan’s grandma. I’m glad she told me because I wasn’t sure.

Linda and Ethan were on a cross-country trip from Los Angeles to the east coast. They were stopping at various National Park Service historical sites. They were having a ball.

“You’ve got to take them,” she told me. “You’ve got to get them out.”

I’m leaving the history and culture to the parents. I’m more interested in getting my granddaughter out on the trail. But let’s hear it for traveling grandmas.

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