Norfolk Coast Path – In Hunstanton

Norfolk Coast Path - red cliffs

We’re in Hunstanton on the eastern coast of England and will be starting the Norfolk Coast Path tomorrow. This three-day walk (47 miles) will follow the coastline to Cromer.

This is also a National Trail but will be so different from the Cotswold Way. Hunstanton is like Coney Island or Myrtle Beach with gambling. Lots of ice cream shops, Bingo halls, coffee shops and one street of stores. People are friendly and casual and all English. We may be the only international visitors in the town.

Norfolk Coast Path - St. Edmund chapelOld Hunstanton has been around since 855 when St. Edmund visited the area. Of course, he wasn’t a saint then. But he was brutally killed by the Danes for believing in Christianity and was made a saint. He was the patron saint of England until St. George came along.

Norfolk Coast Path - St. Edmund ChurchWe walked a little and passed the remains of St. Edmund’s Chapel. We also went in the current St. Edmund Church, which seemed very Catholic to me, complete with the stages of the cross.

But the most famous sight of Hunstanton are the striped cliffs. See the picture at the top. Various stones and chalk combine to produce the striped effect.

It’s cold here. Some people are wearing down jackets. But I’ll be in shorts tomorrow on the trail.


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