On the Norfolk Coast Path

Norfolk Coast Path - Start

We just finished Day 2 on the Norfolk Coast Path in southeast England. We walked 16 miles yesterday and 15 today. It’s flat, flat, flat but not boring. The picture above is of us at the beginning of the path.

This is not the same experience as Cape Hatteras on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. There, we walked on the beach the whole time, moving to the road when we found a town. Here, the coast is lined with marshland. The trail follows the marsh and the coast, much of it on a sea bank.

Norfolk Coast Path - Holkham ReserveEvery once in a while, the path takes us on the beach itself. There’s plenty of jetsam and flotsam, fancy words for garbage on the beach. We also passed a naturist beach, i.e. a nude beach, but we got there too early to see any nudists.

The villages are right on the beach. So we walk through town and sometimes get tempted by ice creams or a pot of tea. Today was a two-dessert day, not good for the waistline.

Norfolk Coast Path - MarshVillage names seem to be in inverse proportion to the size of the village. Last night, we stayed in Burnham Overy Staithe. A staithe is a place for boats to dock. Burnham only had a Bed and Breakfast and a pub/restaurant. Not even a church, now that’s a small place.

We walked through Wells-next-the-Sea, a Coney Island type town. Now, it’s not Wells by the Sea or Wells on the Sea; it seems like there’s a word missing but there isn’t.

Tomorrow will be our third and last day on the trail. It’s going to be tough to climb in the mountains again.


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