NC 12 a mess

NC 12 - all broken up B

We’re back in Western North Carolina!

Wherever we went in England, we heard about Hurricane Irene. As soon as we said that we were from North Carolina, people talked about the damage that Irene did. We quickly said that we were “from the mountains, 400 miles away”, but all they heard was North Carolina.

NC 12 - all broken up ANow I’m catching up on the news and looking at pictures of NC 12, the only road that goes through Cape Hatteras. I know that it’s old news for most of you but I look at these pictures of the road, all broken up, with horror.

Sharon and I was there in May walking the Mountains-to-Sea Trail through Cape Hatteras National Seashore. We walked on the beach most of the time, but we never missed going through a town. Now these towns such as Avon and Rodanthe are trying to recover from the storm. At this point, NC 12 is closed from Hatteras north to Oregon Inlet.

I am so glad we finished the trail in the spring. I feel sorry for hikers who are now on the MST near that region. It must be so discouraging to walk so far and not finish what you started.

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