Mountains-to-Sea Trail Photo Contest – a Dilemma

MST242-abandoned house


North Carolina’s annual October celebration of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail will include a photo contest open to professionals and amateurs. A committee put together by Friends of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail will be the judges.

There are two categories for those of us older than 17 – views from the trail and people on the trail. You can see all the rules and regs at

I plan to enter but the problem is that I have too many pictures. I have pictures of almost every mile of the 1,000- mile trail. Though I’ve deleted more than I’ve kept, I still have hundreds of pictures that I think show the spirit of the MST.

So what are they looking for?

MST236-fromthedunesBeautiful scenery.

I can give them Clingmans Dome, Mt. Mitchell, Wilson Creek, Cape Hatteras. The Neusiok Trail can be confused with the South Pacific. And of course, Cape Hatteras is one fantastic views after another.

Quirky and interesting. I have many pictures of roadside cemeteries, bubbly mailboxes, tobacco barns and cotton fields.

Unusual. Now that’s where I have an advantage. By having walked the whole MST, I have pictures that others may not have – bugle boy (hah, do you know where that is?), old men at the the chatterbox cafe on the trail, the old ski lodge, which has never seen a skier. Yep, I could excel at MST trivia.

So help me out here. What kind of picture would win the first Mountains-to-Sea Trail photo contest?

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