Mountains-to-Sea Trail Trivia Challenge


How did I get into this?

It’s Mountains-to-Sea Trail Month, and this is your chance to test your knowledge of North Carolina’s State Trail.

Every day from Saturday, October 1st to Tuesday, November 7th, Friends of the MST will post a question about the MST on Great Outdoor Provision Co.’s Facebook page.

  1. The first person to post the correct answer each day will win a $5 MST raffle ticket and the chance to win one of 18 great prizes of gift cards and gear. Contestants are eligible to win up to two daily prizes.
  2. Every person who submits the correct answer to all 39 questions by November 8th will win five raffle tickets and the glory of being recognized as an “MST Trivia Wizard – 2011” on this webpage and on Facebook.

 Go to this page for all the rules and regs.

 I am writing the trivia questions because I somehow said that right now I am a fountain of trivia. So I’m sending GOPC a question and most times a picture until Nov. 7.

Check it out and enter the photo contest as well. 

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