Waiting for the Creeper – unforgettable

A.T. - Waiting for the Creeper redone

This past weekend, I celebrated a big birthday by going back to Abingdon in Southwest Virginia. The main purpose was to go to the Barter Theater.

A.T. in VA in the colors

The next day, we hiked a section of the Appalachian Trail and made a circle by also going on the Virginia Creeper Trail.A.T. in VA sourwoods The Creeper Trail is a famous bike trail but we were not the only ones walking. The fall colors were at their best. And sourwood trees were so red that they looked like they were bleeding.

We finished quite early so we drove to the top of the Creeper Trail to Green Cove Station, one of the original trail stations. Outside, there was a plaque memorializing O. Winston Link, one of my favorite photographers. I have two of his photographs, bought when he was affordable. One is Waiting for the Creeper.

Winston Link was a New York commercial photographer who saw the end of passenger trains and took on the task of photographing the trains and train artifacts.A.T. in VA - Green Cove Station Green Cove Station had several of Link’s photos including the one I have, Waiting for the Creeper. Sure enough, the tiny station and general store was where Link took the photo.

I had never made the connection even though I’ve heard of the Virginia Creeper for a long time. I asked a few people to sit on the bench and I reconstructe the photo. See above.

This is the link to the original photo in the Link Museum in Roanoke. I hope it works for you.


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