Jennifer Davis nominated for Adventurer of the Year

PharrDavisJennifer - From her websiteJennifer Pharr Davis holds the record for the fastest person on the Appalachian Trail. She beat the men’s record and took almost 47 days to hike and run the 2,181 mile Trail. But you knew that.

She had been nominated as the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year.  

But we have to vote for her.

So click on this National Geographic link to vote for her.

It’s one of these contests where National Geographic may have come up with the nomination but the most popular wins after that. So we have to vote for her.

She’s a Carolina Mountain Club member, a woman from the Southern Appalachians and she’s a hiker. The others include a skier, kayaker, and mountaineer. There’s only one other solo woman, though there are male/female teams.

PharrDavisJenniferandme - CMC dinnerJennifer has done what no one athlete has done – make me a sports fan.

I’ve never watched other people play: no basketball, baseball or hockey. I’ve gotten to a fine age without understanding football. I used to say that I’ll become a spectator when hiking becomes a spectator sport.

With Jennifer, hiking has become a spectator sport with records to beat. Though I don’t think I’ll sit in front of a TV watching someone whizz by in boots and a pack, I’m now paying attention to trail records.

So when will hiking become an Olympic sport?


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