Kephart at Diamond Brand

Camping and Woodcraft bookcoverDiamond Brand Outdoors will be celebrating the new edition of Camping and Woodcraft by Horace Kephart published by the Great Smoky Mountains Association. This will be on Thursday November 17 from 6 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.

Included in the new edition are over 40 historic photographs taken by Kephart and George Masa.

 Many of these images were recently discovered and never before published.  Also included is a new cover image featuring the work of Elizabeth Ellison and a 80-page biographical introduction by Kephart scholars George Ellison and Janet McCue, librarian at Cornell University, that provides new insights into Kephart’s life and literary career.  Regional historian and Western Carolina University archivist George Frizzell will join the Ellisons.

George Ellison, a writer-naturalist who resides in Bryson City, will provide a brief overview of Kephart’s life (1862-1931) and commentary on the evolution of Kephart’s text (1906-1922) from outdoor manual into a compendium of practical advice and regional lore that has made it one of the enduring cornerstones in American outdoor literature.

George Frizzell, from Western Carolina University, will provide archival images of places and events associated with Kephart’s life and outdoor pursuits set against a background of everyday life as it was being lived in Western North Carolina during the early 20th century in Kephart’s self-styled “Back of Beyond.”

Elizabeth Ellison, whose gallery-studio is located on the town square in Bryson City, will discuss the artwork featured on the covers of Kephart’s work now being reissued by GSMA.

And who knows? Diamond Brand might even have refreshments.      

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