First day of deer hunting season

Coontree Scout - Escape route

Yesterday was the first day of deer hunting season in Western North Carolina. But this is the day that we had available to scout Lenny’s hike for Carolina Mountain Club in Pisgah National Forest.

Coontree Scout- in the woodsWe started up the Coontree Loop and over Bennet Gap to a forest service road. The trees are almost completely bare now, leaving us to see the mountains, rocks and even fungus. The FS Road was full of pickup trucks, though we couldn’t hear any shots. We were outfitted in orange vests and orange hats.

I felt funny in the woods because hunters only get a couple of weeks – deer season lasts until Dec. 10 – while hikers get to hike year round. Maybe we should have scouted this before and left the woods to them for their fun.Coontree Scout - Deer Hunting Season

But the geocachers we met didn’t have such qualms. They didn’t even know that it was hunting season. The Pisgah Hikers, a group out of Brevard, were also on the trail for five miles and they didn’t care either.

At one point, coming down the Coontree Loop Trail, we saw a piece of flagging tape with “escape route” written on it. See the picture above. What was that all about?

Come on Lenny’s hike on Sunday Dec. 3. Check it out on the CMC website.


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