A Visit to the Appalachian Club


No matter how much I think I know about Great Smoky Mountains National Park, there’s always something new to learn. That’s why I suggested that the Great Smoky Mountains Association take a trip to the Appalachian Club and Spence Cabin.GRSM-GSMAtrip12/09/2011

These two structures were part of Elkmont Historic District, not only before the Park came in but for years afterwards.


The Appalachian Club (see above) was built in 1934. It has been restored  but not upgraded to modern standards.

And the Park is now renting it for weddings and family reunions. I’ve known about it for quite a while, before and after restoration but I had a chance to get a tour yesterday and go inside. The Appalachian Club was quite snooty in its day and would never let me inside in the 1930s and beyond but I got in now.

It’s a huge room with two fireplaces, couches and rocking chairs. They have tables and chairs for a sit-down meal. It was quite dark when we had our tour and the photo doesn’t do justice to the dark wood and huge stone fireplaces.

GRSM-SpencecabinBut if this is too large for your function, there’s always the pink and green Spence Cabin. This was a private home and the Park is rehabbing it for day use, now. I love the color.

The house backs up on a stream with a paved area. You could bring a folding chair there and just sit and watch the rushing water. They’ll finish the restoration by Spring and will have a big opening, I’m sure.




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