MST – of orange and counterclockwise vines

MSTBentcreek - no orange

Yesterday, I went on a seven-mile hike, mostly on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail and down to Bent Creek. Now you would think I would be tired of the MST, since I walked the whole trail and continue to do bits of it. But the MST is one of the closest trails to Asheville and  there’s always something to see and learn.

We started at the beginning of the Shut-In Trail close to the North Carolina Arboretum. But look at my companions. What’s wrong with this picture? It’s still hunting season – that’s what – and I was the only one with an orange hat. We could hear gunfire down below, though someone in our group said that it was just target practice.

Dwight Mc., the guy on the right hand, is a retired Smokies ranger. He came from Gatlinburg, TN for this hike. He pointed out exotic plants and flowers that were confused about the weather and coming up too soon.

mSTBentcreek-vinescounterclockwiseHe also showed me that vines go around trees counterclock wise. I had never noticed this but now I noted every tree and every vine – and of course, he was right.

When I looked it up, I learned that not all vines go around counterclockwise. It does depend on the vine. But again it was a question of not noticing something until it’s pointed out to me.

But I did notice every person who was wearing and not wearing orange. It’s hunting season until January 2.


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