There’s nature everywhere


There’s nature everywhere, even on Miami Beach. Now residents and visitors may not notice the natural environment but it’s there.

I took a walk on the beach today. People were sunning themselves, playing frisbee, strolling and of course, playing on their phones. A few hardy ones were in the water. Were they paying attention to the environment around them?

There were terns and gulls dive bombing on the beach. Sandpipers ran like wind-up toys. A few pigeons added to the mix. And the pelicans. Nothing says South Florida to me like pelicans.

MiamiBeach-SkylinePelicans don’t worry about people. They hang around the fishing pier, waiting to steal fish from fishermen. They fly around boats going deep-sea fishing, also looking for loot. And all of this is happening around a beach lined with high-rise co-ops.BalHarbor - turtles

Even Bal Harbor, the fancy shopping center in North Miami Beach, has “nature”. It has several fish ponds with koi fish and turtles. People stare in the pond. trying to figure out if the turtles are real. They’re real!   


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