Corkscrew Sanctuary on Christmas Day


Merry Christmas! Today is our wedding anniversary. What to do on Christmas Day, if you’re on vacation on the west coast of Florida?

Corkscrew-egretWe went to Corkscrew Sanctuary, formerly known as Corkscrew Swamp. Located southeast of Fort Myers, the land is owned by Audubon. I was surprised that it was open on Christmas Day but they pride themselves on being open 365 days a year. Even the gift shop is open.

Corkscrew-Swamp liliesThe site has a 2.25 mile boardwalk over the swamp. And this is where all the action is. We saw a snake, two baby alligators and several large “mama” alligators. Swamp lilies (to the right) stuck to the swamp. But this is Audubon and the area was full of birds.

Forest birds such as warblers, woodpeckers and yellow-bellied sapsuckers flittered from tree to tree. Anhingas and egrets preened themselves. Volunteer wardens helped us identify warblers high in the trees. These volunteers were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They carried binoculars and birdbooks.

Corkscrew-alligatorsBy midday, we reached the end of the boardwalk and visitors were starting to come out. Most were not walking “all the way” but just ventured on the boardwalk to see the baby alligators. 

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