Where have I been? Where am I going?


Where have I  been? Where am I going? I don’t mean it as a philosophical question – just a practical one.

As I clean up and rearrange my office to take on writing Walking the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, I decided to let go of a lot of stuff. Various drafts of Hiking North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Heritage can really be recycled. So can the several versions of my slideshow presentations.

But in the meantime, I’ve been moving and shifting my stuffed animals. I’ve been collecting meaningful stuffed animals from Lenny’s trips and mine. From left to right, starting in the back row, they are:

  • Moose from Canada
  • Puffin from Alaska
  • Koala Bear from Australia
  • Dodo from La Reunion in the Indian Ocean
  • Blue footed boobie from the Galapagos

In the second row, I have:

  • Black-billed spoonbill from Taiwan
  • Tucan from Costa Rica
  • African Penguin from South Africa
  • Kiwi from New Zealand

I have not been to Reunion, the Galapagos and Costa Rica. The first was from one of Lenny’s business trips and the last two from his birding trips.

It’s time to take a picture of them and let them go.


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