YakTraks without Ice

I was sent a pair of Yaktrax Pros and asked to review them. Well, I had two choices: I could wait for ice or I could try to review them without ice. I have a pair of Yaktrax extreme already so I know that they certainly grip on ice.

If you live in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, you know that snow and ice have been in short supply this year. I just came back from a hike where everyone stripped down to their short sleeve shirt. Ice and snow are just not in the forecast. So I put on my boots yesterday and put the Yaktrax Pro on my boots.

Yaktrax 1The first thing to know about using any of these products is that you can’t just grab them, put them in your pack and hope to figure it out on the trail. You need to check them out at home.

The second is: don’t try to figure it out without reading the instructions. I tried to do that and I was not getting anywhere. Why can’t I put these Yaktrax on my boots? Well, to start with, you need to wear your boots for the Yaktrax to fit well.Yaktrak 2

Once I followed the instructions, the Yaktraks fitted well. They hugged the toe and heel of the boot. A strap also helps keeps these things on your foot.

The Extreme Yaktrax have sharp triangular spikes on them.  I would use them on a rocky hike. The Pros are coils which would do well on icy roads  and easy trails. I put my Yaktraks in my day pack about the middle of December and pull them out in March. This way, I don’t have to think about whether or not I might need them.

But without ice, it is impossible to see how the Pros do on the trail. I know that the Extremes really worked. So if we get ice, I’ll hit the trail and let you know. In the meantime, I’ll hike in a short-sleeve shirt.

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