Asheville City Council on EarthShare

Yesterday I attended  a meeting of the Asheville City Council. I was there to support  a proposal to implement a charitable contribution combined campaign for City of Asheville employees.

In English that means that I support the inclusion of EarthShare as another option for Asheville City employees to have when they give through their workplace. As of now, the only option they have is United Way. I had sent an email to each council member separately to voice my support for EarthShare. Only Cecil Bothwell and Mark Hunt replied. The others ignored it. I always remember who bothers to answer me.

So I went there with a written statement, planning to be able to read it in maybe, 30 seconds. I never got the chance.

Julie Mayfield of Western North Carolina Alliance was also there. She’s very politically savvy and knew that no one would be able to speak. A resolution was proposed by Cecil Bothwell but no one seconded it. If the resolution doesn’t get a second, there’s no discussion. It was over very quickly.

I was very disappointed. This move was choreographed like a ballet. The council knew that it was not going to pass so they chose to not second it. Excuse me?? But what about those of us  who wanted to speak? If you’re going to turn it down, turn it down legitimately. Let it come to a vote and stand by your vote. Don’t blow off your own citizens.

The actual reason that there was not majority support is that they’re concerned about competition with United Way. I’m all for United Way Campaigns; I gave to them for my 35 years of my working career. But this is 2012 and other concerns deserve money as well.

They moved on to Occupy Asheville. They wouldn’t have dared to blow off Occupy Asheville; there were dozens of them. Maybe if we had had dozens, we might have gotten a hearing.

For this I missed my Zumba class?





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