CMC Hike Leader Dinner

CMC hiker dinner -2012 A

Once a year, Carolina Mountain Club hike leaders get dressed up and go to a dinner and educational session. About 50 leaders gathered last night to talk about hikes, hike leading and even things that might wrong on the trail.

Like in any organization, the social hour is where things get done. “Would you like to help me do a long hike in Pisgah National Forest?” asked a woman who is doing the 400 miles of trail in the forest. “What happened on the hike that was supposed to be led on Sunday?” And on it went.

At the official presentations, the hike schedulers were recognized. As Stuart said, “without hike schedulers, there would be no club.” Careful scheduling of hikes and leaders is the life blood of the club and what sets us apart from other more casual clubs that go out on the spur of the moment.

CMC hiker dinner - 2012 BIt was officially decided that if a leader has to cancel a hike, he/she needs to put it on the website breaking news at least two hours before the first meeting point.

This lets a leader cancel a hike without going to the various meeting points but it has to be done judiciously and for good reasons. Most of the time, you can get a substitute if you can’t go on a hike for personal reasons.

It was also the time to mingle with leaders who hike on Sunday afternoon or only on Wednesdays and to share ideas. Good meeting. Thanks to the hiking committee for setting it up.

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