ATC Biennial Planning Meeting

ATC meeting Feb. 2012

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy Biennial will be held at Western Carolina University in July 2013. Yesterday over 20 people got together at the SORO (Southern Regional Office) to continue planning the one week meeting.

See the video about the great location.

Almost 80 hikes will be offered from short strolls to substantial hikes on the A.T. The Hiking Committee has been working hard to see how many different hikes they can come up with on the A.T., in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail.

Workshops will span the gamut from Cultural History on the A.T. to Hiking and Backpacking skills. How do you manage the Trail? And how you engage and encourage Appalachian Trail Communities?

And then there was my responsibilities – Excursions. These are non-hiking trips to learn about the area. They can be active like biking, birding and rafting or they can be cultural like art in Asheville, Smoky Mountain Railroad or a visit to the Biltmore Estate.

Speaking of the Biltmore Estate, this summer’s prices will be $54 if you buy your ticket at the gate. There are all sorts of deals. So the question is: would you pay $54 to see the Biltmore Estate?

Let me know!


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