Bears in a Dumpster

When I blog twice in one day, you know it’s something big.

Today was so beautiful that I decided to forgo a session at the “Y” and take a walk in North Asheville.

I walked up to the Grove Park Inn and further up the hill. When I came down Macon Ave., I saw three bears around the Longchamps Condominiums. They had left their dumpster open. One bear was on top of the dumpster and at one point, saw him go in. The other two bears were further back in the trees.

What is the matter with the Condominium management? Don’t they realize that we have bears in the city? As I watched the bears, I attempted to slow down the traffic and point to the bears.

Most cars just zipped by past me, anxious to get to the Grove Park Inn. One guy looked at me and said “What?” When I told him about the bears, his reaction was “Oh My God. That’s my house.”

A block later, I saw a runner with a dog, both running toward the bears. I stopped her and told her to be careful. The bears might not take too well to the dog barking and running toward them.

Sometimes you don’t have to go to a Park. Sometimes wildlife comes to you.

Sorry no pictures.


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