Dupont Forest – no waterfall pictures


Is is possible to write about Dupont Forest without showing pictures of its marvelous waterfalls?

Yesterday I led a Carolina Mountain Club hike to Dupont Forest. Above is our group after having walked almost 11 miles. And they’re still smiling.

We stopped at five waterfalls, two cemetery and Imaging Lake. Yet I chose not to taken any waterfall pictures. I don’t think I’m blaze of their beauties but I noted other things.

DupontForest-loggingLogging. Hikers have trouble accepting that Dupont Forest is a State Forest, not a state park. So logging is allowed. I don’t think they clearcut but they log. And that’s OK with me.


Danger signs. What they have borrowed from state parks are all the “danger signs”. It’s as if the waterfalls are going to grab a visitor and take them down. If you admire the waterfalls from the trail, it is not dangerous. Yet, I’ve seen international visitors take the sign literally and turn around from approaching the waterfall.

And what is this?

DupontForest-gatelatch For years, I’ve seen this piece of metal on Thomas Cemetery Road.

Yesterday, someone pointed out that it was part of a gate latch. There were some cables on the opposite tree. Good deduction.

Dupont Forest is always beautiful but it’s more than waterfalls.

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