Moving into a new daypack

New daypackEvery once in a while, we all have to get a new pack. And it’s traumatic.

In a way, a new day pack for me is even more traumatic than my backpack because I use my daypack so often. I know where everything is. I have a mental index of all the different pouches and pockets.

I wanted a pack that sat on my hips a lot more than on my shoulders. I went to Diamond Brand and asked that they “outfit me”.

Usually I read tons of reviews on the web and try to make a decision but with equipment that needs fitting – packs and boots – it’s so much easier to just go to an outfitter you trust and let them do the work. Chris and John had lots of patience as I kept hopping from pack to pack and going “for a walk” around the store.

After trying on various daypacks, we settled on a Gregory Jade. It’s a small woman specific pack with a wide hip belt and straps all over, just like a backpack. The blue seemed to be the quietest color they had available.

I took it out for a day hike yesterday. Nothing too difficult but the pack felt comfortable on my body. Now all I have to memorize is where I put all my stuff.

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