I Plodded the MST, Diane will Run it!

orchidpurplefringed.jpgIt’s humbling!

I just heard that a middle-age woman, Diane Van Deren, will run the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. She wants to beat the record on the MST.  Well, she only has to beat Matt Kirk, the only person who ran the MST. He did it in 24 days, 3 hours and 50 minutes

But if I look at the website carefully, it says that she wants to set the “time record”. Is that the same as beating the record?

Great Outdoor Provision Co. and The North Face are sponsoring Diane’s run, and they plan to use it to raise awareness of the trail and $40,000 for FMST. Here’s a link to the website they have created about her run: http://www.mstendurancerun.com.
When Diane is running, Great Outdoor Provision Co. will be posting on facebook and twitter to let people know what she’s experiencing along the way. They’re going to use the photos entered in the photo contest to give the audience an idea of what she’s seeing. She won’t be able to blog about her experience, that’s for sure.

There’s no word on how Diane is going to be supported. She’s not going to drive or carry a backpack, that’s for sure. If you’re curious about how Matt Kirk did it, come to the Carolina Mountain Club Spring barbeque where he’ll be a speaker along with Sharon McCarthy and me.


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