Catawba Falls Opens – Finally

Catawba Falls - Lower Falls 091128Catawba Falls opens to the public –  April 17, 2012

If all went according to plans, Catawba Falls opened today. I know – it’s been open for quite a while. It’s even in my second book – Hiking North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Forest Service announced the completion of a parking lot and the opening of the Catawba Falls area to the public this week.

Catawba Falls, a 100-foot lower and 70-foot upper falls on the Catawba River near Old Fort in the Pisgah National Forest, was acquired by the Foothills Conservancy in 2005 and 2007 after 20 years of work. The Forest Service bought the 88-acre tract in 2010.

The parking lot provides visitors easy access to the scenic waterway, the Forest Service news release says.

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