NC Arboretum – for an ATC Biennial Excursion??


Last Saturday, Carolina Mountain Club had its annual Spring barbeque at the North Carolina Arboretum. We offered two short hikes, had a barbeque dinner and a program about the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. It was a full, full day.

NCarboretum-statueBut as I walked around the arboretum, I thought that it might make a good half-day excursion for our Appalachian Trail Conservancy Biennial Conference.

OK, if it sounds like I’m always thinking about the Biennial Conference, it’s because I have to plan about 30 excursions; some active, other cultural. The Arboretum is definitely cultural.

The arboretum has 65 acres of cultivated gardens and amazing outdoor sculptures. In addition, you can check out their bonsai collection.

There are two buildings. One always has special exhibits. The one right now is on ferns of the Smokies. Also it shows “wicked plants” – now I know that got your attention. Of course, I have no idea what they’ll have in July, 2013 but it will be interesting and of high quality.

They only charge $8 parking fee for a carful of people. So I’m planning to make this a half-day excursion. My only concern is that a half-day may be too short.

What do you think?




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