Review – Coast HP 7 light

Coast HP 7 light

Recently I was asked to review a flashlight. Coast light and tools liked my blog and sent me their HP 7 flashlight.

Funny thing to review – a flashlight. But after I put it together, I saw that this was no ordinary flashlight. Coast HP7 LED Flashlight is a high powered flashlight that offers spot light and flood light. In technical terms, you can choose between a high output setting of 251 lumens or a low output of 58 lumens.

It feels sturdy in my hand but it’s not lightweight – 7.2 ounces including batteries. Maybe you can’t make a serious flashlight like this for backpackers. I wouldn’t put it in my daypack or my backpack. The best use is in my car glove compartment or around the house. In the mountains, we lose power a lot.

Their website shows that they have a big fan base. I was surprised that customers would go to the trouble of praising their flashlight but it’s impressive. People pointed out that they used them around the house and in their fishing tackle box.

It comes with a canvas case that attaches to your belt. That’s handy.

A couple of suggestions for improvement.

I had a heck of a time putting in the 4 AAA batteries – included, thanks folks. There was no + or markings on the casing so I had to put them in several ways before I got it to work. I know that if you’re real handy you’re supposed to know these things but I like the extra help.

Also, the fancy box and rubber piece separating the flashlight from the case are not necessary. Just extra trash that cannot be recycled easily.

But all together, the Coast HP7 is one serious flashlight.



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