MST through Pilot Mountain

Pilot Mountain hikeI’m continuing my trek on a new section of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail.

So where does the MST go after the Corridor Trail? It crosses Pinnacle Hotel Road, which  separates two sections of Pilot Mountain State Park.

If you go there right now, it gets confusing.

In Pilot Mountain State Park, two trails come off Pinnacle Hotel Road, a hundred feet apart or so.

Grassy Ridge Trail has white markers but that’s not the continuation of the MST. Huh??

The white circles on Grassy Ridge Trail are part of the park blazing system. The MST continues on Mountain Trail, which right now has no blazes. It connects with Ledge Springs Trail and down Grindstone Trail. The trail comes down between campsite 16 and 17 and continues close to the road to the Park Office, across the road and eventually out of the park and onto the Sauratown Trail

MSTsauratownSP-HannahMy son, Neil and granddaughter, Hannah, had come from Chapel Hill for a couple of days of hiking in the Sauratown Mountains.

None of these MST details were important to them. We all marveled at the view, the rocks and talked to several rock climbers. Hannah, who’s nine, was particularly impressed by a seven-year old girl who was rock climbing with her father.

After the hike and a stop at Nana’s in the town of Pilot Mountain, we discovered a historic oddity just off the Sauratown Trail. Stay tuned!   

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