Mountains-to-Sea Trail – Hanging Rock and Rock House


The Mountains-to-Sea Trail is full of Revolutionary War sites. Nowhere is that more evident than in the Piedmont.

On our last day in the Sauratown Mountains, my son, granddaughter and I found the Rock House. I’ve been looking for this house since I walked the Sauratown Trail into Hanging Rock State Park.

The Revolutionary War-era Rock House was built by John Martin, an American patriot. MSTMartinGraveThe foundation was laid in the 1770s and the house was finished around 1785. It’s now  owned by The Stokes County Historical Society. They put a fence around it so that rocks would not fall on people’s head.

A little further down Rock House Road is the tiny cemetery where John Martin and his wife are buried.

MSTHangingRock-NeilHannahIn Hanging Rock State Park, we walked several trails including going up to the Hanging Rock.

But we also had to walk the MST from the Visitor Center to two waterfalls.

But the clincher was going back to Tory’s Den.

This put the whole story together, between the Rock House and Tory’s Den.

Tory’s Den was home to about 100 British sympathizers who lost their property to the Whigs.MSTHangingRock-TorysDen See the cave to the right.

I don’t know how a hundred men could have stayed in this cave. They may have stored their gunpowder here and just camped out.
As the story goes, a skirmish occurred one night in 1778 when Tories raided the house of Colonel John Martin, stole supplies, and may have kidnapped Martin’s daughter. The next morning Martin and his men attacked Tory’s Den and took most of the residents of the cave prisoner.

That’s the end of the story and was the end of our weekend. But now my granddaughter knows a little about the MST.

Got to get that next generation on the trail.




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