Save our North Carolina Full-Color License Plates

FriendsoftheSmokies Plate

Sometimes the legislature has to do something only to undo it. I have several examples of that in mind – think how we finally got Dupont State Forest. But this is all about our North Carolina license plates.

I couldn’t imagine that I’d be worried about what’s on the back of my car but I am. A specialty plate says that you care about Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the A.T. or the Blue Ridge Parkway and so many other worthwhile organizations that protect the coast and the arts.

Right now, if the NC legislature does nothing, all those full-color tags will go away in 2015. Now why would a Republican legislature want to prevent their constituents from donating $30 a year to help a nonprofit group? I have no idea. Read my article in National Parks Traveler and make up your own mind.

But in the meantime, we need to call, email or even write a letter to our North Carolina senators and representatives and let them know to undo this harmful law. Friends of the Smokies explains how to do this. But no matter what kind of specialty tag you have, you can use their hints on how to contact your legislators.

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