New Hiking App for the Southern Appalachians

GPSforhikingappHikers who want to travel smarter on trails in the southern mountains now have one more good reason to stash their phones in their daypacks. A mobile app called Great Hikes of the Southern Appalachians now lets adventurers carry all the maps, directions, and other hiking info they need with them on their iPhone.

The new app is the brainchild of Jim Parham, guidebook author and founder of Milestone Press, my publisher, that has been producing outdoor adventure guidebooks since 1992. They put hikes from my books on an apps, as well.

“When folks asked me if our books will be available in e-format, I just couldn’t picture it,” says Parham. “It didn’t make sense to take an e-reader on a hike. But it does make sense to carry all that information on a phone—which now with this new app can become the perfect hiking companion.

Now one device covers the tools you might be bringing with you anyway—your camera, your GPS, and your guidebook with the maps, directions,  distances, elevation gain, and trail highlights—with much less weight and bulk. This app also takes advantage of the GPS function of your phone to show your precise location on the trail—or while driving to the trailhead. That’s something a printed guidebook can’t do.” 

Read the article in the Asheville-Citizen Times.

For more information about Great Hikes of the Southern Appalachians, visit Apple’s App Store or (for a link to the app itself).

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