Family Nature Summit – The End


Another year of Family Nature Summit has come and gone. Of course, it was a great week. How can you not have a good time with a bunch of friendly, active people next door to Rocky Mountain National Park.

The hikes were fabulous. I learned a lot of the history and culture of the area and my granddaughter had a great time. She caught up with her friends and made new ones.

It would be difficult to pick out one highlight. But if I could only choose one, it would be Tuesday. I had gone to a program with a park ranger where I learned that picas live in the tundra. The animal that Hannah and I saw around Beaver Meadows a couple of days before could not have been a pica; it probably was a groundsquirrel.

I couldn’t wait to pick up Hannah from her Junior Naturalist program to tell her that but she beat me to it. Her group had gone up to the tundra where she saw marmots and picas.

She greeted me with “Grandma, we didn’t see picas the first day. They only live up in the tundra.”

If there are highlights, there must have been a lowlight. I dropped my camera into the stream and it died. I’ve written enough about this but I was so lucky to be able to use people’s cameras and photographs. Thank you!

FNSDay2-Hallett PeakI’m home now in Asheville, North Carolina with a pile of laundry. My husband is driving Hannah home to Ohio with her own pile of laundry.

It’s time to turn back to my life in the Southern Appalachians. Next week, I’m helping a friends finish her Pisgah 400 hiking challenge and I’m leading a hike for Friends of the Smokies. And I have to keep working on my book on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail.

But we’ll be signing up for next July in Acadia National Park. We won’t have to worry about the altitude then. Maine, here we come.

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