The MST – in Living Color

West Point on the Eno - sign

As you may know, I’m writing a book on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail for the History Press. The manuscript is due in a couple of months and I feel the deadline breathing down my neck.

With a large and diverse publisher like the History Press, you don’t get a lot of handholding. When you get a contract and agree on a deadline, they send you a guide to formatting and handing in your manuscript and photographs and off you go. And so I’m writing.

But I really wanted to have a color insert. Were my pictures good enough to warrant a color insert? I needed to send them my photographs in advance so the editor could make a decision. I spent a lot of time picking out the photos that would show off the MST and also be good and eye catching pictures.

When I talked to Adam, my editor, and told him I was ready to send the photos for his approval, he told me to drop them in Dropbox, a service that allows you to upload files and someone else to download them to her/his computer.

That worked beautifully. I created an account and uploaded my photographs without worrying about their size and Adam took them off Dropbox into his computer. If you’re really rich and famous and don’t want to bother to learn this stuff, you can hire an assistant to do this. I understand that some writers just dictate their books to an assistant who “uses technology” to type the text into a file.

I wouldn’t call “Dropbox” new technology. Maybe everyone is using Dropbox but me.

Yeah, before personal computers, that’s how it all worked. You had centralized computing and everyone was connected to the same computers. The computer center had rules which you had to follow or else. Then personal computers came in and we, all computer professionals, breathed a sigh of relief. Our PC was our domain. 

But I digress. My editor liked the photographs and said that my book will have 32 pictures in color. Yeah!!

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