Hurricane Irene a Year Later

Hurricane Irene inlet

While we worry about all those folks who are battling Hurricane Isaac, I remember Hurricane Irene a year ago. It hit the Outer Banks, creating several new inlets and closing the Mountains-to-Sea Trail for a while.

A couple of months later, they put in several temporary prefab steel bridges. But permanent solutions will take a lot longer. According to an AP article published in the Asheville-Citizens Times, they’ve already spent $12 million for repairs. And all those permanent changes are on top of the replacement of the Bonner Bridge.

Southern Environmental Law Center is suing DOT to prevent a replacement for the Bonner Bridge. Their argument is that a new bridge will just be placed on land slowly being eroded by the ocean. You can find their case on their website.

A lot of tough decisions. And none of them, I’m sure, involve walking the MST. The trail mostly goes on the beach but you still need a road, NC 12, for access.

I’m going back to the Outer Banks next week to finish up my fact finding for my MST book. I’ll report from there.


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