Eno River Quarry

Eno River Quarry

While I wasn’t looking, Friends of the MST opened another section of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail in Eno River State Park in Durham.

A five-mile stretch from Pleasant Green Road to Cole Mill Road was approved after I walked this area last year. So today, I walked the five miles starting from Pleasant Green Road and back again – 10 miles and 900 feet of elevation.

After 1.5 flat miles, I reached the quarry – see above. The scene at the quarry was idyliic. A few people were swimming and others were laying around the water reading and eating. Even though the banks were flat, kids found a way to jump in.

Of course, there had to be the obligatory warning sign on the trail on both sides of the quarry, so visitors could see it no matter how they got here.

Note that the sign says that swimming is not recommended, not that it’s forbidden.

Eno River Quarry - sign

We’re at the end of the summer but you wouldn’t know it here. I drove from Asheville this morning so I got on the trail at 11 am. Soon after, I was dripping sweat and peeing through my pores. It must have hit 90 deg. or was it just the humidity? There was so much water in the air that it seemed that mushrooms popped up in the time it took me to get there and back to the same spot.

Late summer flowers are about the same as in the mountains. Or maybe that’s just what I recognize – larkspur, bowman’s root, jewel weed and small yellow flowers that looked like cone flowers. Plenty of mountain laurel but no rhododendrons.

Continuing after the quarry, I saw them coming. Walkers had come from a parking area closer in. They wore flip-flops, flimsy sandals or boots without socks. Some had just their bathing suits on. Most people carried towels, beach toys and one small pint bottle. They weren’t in Durham, they were heading to the beach.

The trail followed the river and then swerved away up on a high bank and came down again. Up and down, several times. The Eno River is a slow river, full of large rocks and vegetation. In some places, you expect a crocodile to rear its head.

Eno River Quarry - walker for ObamaWhen I reached Cole Road and turned around, I met some of the same people coming back. It was like watching a movie backward.

One woman was wearing a “north Carolina for Obama” T-shirt. Now why did I take a picture of these two women?




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