Pea Island and my Foot


My last morning in the Outer Banks.

One more park to check out before I go home to finish my manuscript on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. So I needed to take one good picture of the sunrise over the ocean.

Yesterday, I went down to Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge and spoke to Ron M., my favorite volunteer at the visitor center. The refuge is in the middle of Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

If you drive through the Outer Banks, you most likely don’t notice the difference between the refuge and the park. But if you’re walking the MST on the beach, the two areas are striking. There are no ORVs allowed in the Refuge. As the refuge explains, Parks are for people, Refuges are for wildlife.

OBX - Oregon LSSI walked around the Oregon Inlet Lifesaving Station to see if there had been any movement to repurpose it. Eventually, it will be part of the NC Aquarium but for now, the building has been stabilized but it’s still closed.

Foot - SwellingBut my swollen foot is the other reality of walking in the Outer Banks.

I made the mistake of driving down in my Keenes. I jumped out of the car for five minutes, five short minutes, to check something out. And the bugs got me. I put my boots on when I walked around the refuge. Everyone else wore flip-flops with bare toes and ankles. How do people do this? How do they walk around in bare feet all day while I get attacked as soon as I get out of the car?

I see that Friends of the MST is having another photo contest. Maybe I should enter my foot picture. A little reality check, here.

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