Jockey’s Ridge State Park – One last look

Jockey's Ridge - dunes

One last look at Jockey’s Ridge State Park, the eastern most point of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail.

I thought I would revisit a familiar place but Jockey’s Ridge changes all the time. Its dunes move around with the prevailing wind. The highest dune at the moment is the end of the MST, or I should say, more correctly, the eastern end of the MST.

The other major change are the pools of water at every low spot. These swales are literally an oasis in the desert.

Where last year, I could walk around every which way around the dunes and sand, this time, I had to pay attention that the path I took didn’t end up in the water. At least once, I backed up and took a different way. It was great! What a place.

Jockeys ridge MST sign

I also discovered the MST completers board. Last year, Superintendent Debo Cox took our pictures at the end of our trek. Since then, the park has put up a board. My picture is up there and Sharon’s feet are there. Only I know that they’re her feet in boots. They need to update the board but it’s a great idea.

Time to head home to the mountains and put the last finishing edits on my manuscript for

The Mountains-to-Sea Trail Across North Carolina: Walking a Thousand miles through Wildness, Culture and History. (Yep, that’s the title.)

My deadline is breathing down my neck.  

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