It’s Hunting Season in North Carolina

MST - Craven Gap - 09/12/08It’s hunting season in North Carolina but that’s no reason not to hike.

You just have to stay on the trail and wear orange. If you analyze where you hike, there are several places you don’t have to worry about.

Where hunting is not allowed

It’s always important to know where you are in life, but it’s especially true during hunting season.

There’s no hunting in national parks, so you don’t have to worry about Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Blue Ridge Parkway is also off-limits but in some places the Parkway is so skinny that sometimes hunters might legitimately step off Forest land onto Parkway land. Certainly bullets don’t know the difference.

There’s no hunting in North or South Carolina state parks. Hunting in Dupont Forest is so limited that I don’t think you have to worry about it.

And there’s no hunting on Sunday.

MST15-Hunting season startsWhere hunting is allowed

The only places you have to worry about are the National Forests, Pisgah National Forest and Nantahala National Forest. And on private land, but you shouldn’t be there in the first place.

When is hunting season?

All the details are on North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission site.

In the Western North Carolina region,

Deer can be hunted as follows:

Archery – September 10-29 and October 15 to November 17
Muzzleloader  October 1-13
Gun (All weapons) November 19 to December 8

Bear season is October 15 to November 17 and December 10 to January 1.

So stay on the trail, wear an orange vest and hike!





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