Walking the Endless Wall Trail in the New River Gorge


We’re in Fayetteville, West Virginia, the coolest small town, or so they advertise. Fayetteville is the gateway to the New River Gorge National River. Now that’s cool.

We got here in the rain but that didn’t stop us from walking a few miles on the Endless Wall Trail.

The loop skirted the rim of the gorge. Though it was foggy and rainy, we stopped often to take side trails to look over the gorge into the void.NERI1-Endlesswalltree

The wall of rocks reminded me of the Blue Ridge Escarpment in upstate South Carolina but here the walls were more visible. Each short trail emanating from the main trail was a climbing opportunity. It was a long way down there.

NERI1-EndlesswalllennyIf you looked each plant and tree separately, you’d recognize each as similar to the Southern Appalachians. There are rhododendrons, mountain laurel, oak, hemlock and asters. But the proportions must be different or something else is at play because the woods feel different. Maybe because there are no mountains. On the top of the gorge, you’re the highest thing around.

The New River Gorge was the source of coal mining. Many artifacts remain and that’s what we’ll check out tomorrow.



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