Scouting Max Patch on the A.T.

Maxpatch Scout-FromMaxpatch

Yesterday Lenny and I scouted a hike around Max Patch that he will lead on Saturday November 3 for Carolina Mountain Club. Every hike that we lead for any group must be checked out.

Max Patch is an iconic bald on the Appalachian Trail, close to Hot Spring. It’s not certain how balds came to be but now the US Forest Service, helped by volunteers, mow the bald.

It was cold when we got to the top of Max Patch. The wind was blowing and I was glad for the wool hat. But the views were outstanding. Strollers and dogwalkers were already up there but that’s where most stayed.

MaxPatchScout-Southbounders We continued on the A.T. northbound to Roaring Fork Shelter. About a mile further, after crossing Roaring Fork a couple of times, we met three Southbounders who had started the A.T. in Maine in May. They were practically giddy today because they were slackpacking–hiking with a small daypack while someone had taken their large backpack on ahead.

MaxPatchScout-LennyinleavesThe trail was covered in leaves and Lenny was leafed over.

On the way back, we picked up the Buckeye Ridge Trail, where we could look up at Max Patch and see the tiny people up there. See the photo below.

It’s a classic hike that I’ve done several times but it’s an outstanding hike each time. Next time you go up to Max Patch, walk past the top and get in the woods a little.

MaxPatch Scout-LookingupatMaxPatch 

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