My book – Step 2


My manuscript for The Mountains-to-Sea Trail Across North Carolina went out last night to my editor at the History Press yesterday. Yippee!

Now if I were a novelist, I would have sent my editor one file and attached it to an email. But for a non-fiction book published by the History Press, it wasn’t that simple. Besides the text itself, I sent in over 50 photographs and captions. There will be an insert with 32 color pictures and about 20 in Black and White.

But that’s only the beginning. I wrote a draft of the text that goes on the back cover, essentially a teaser or a trailer for the bok.

They wanted several candidate photographs for the cover. Professional book designers do the cover but the author provide potential pics. Since my book is about the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, I asked them to use one picture of the mountains and one of the sea and even some in between.

And then there is the marketing.

I received a marketing questionnaire which asked where I thought my book could be sold. Yes, in bookstores but also in gift stores and in outdoor stores. I have a database of outlets which I have been collecting from marketing my first  two books. But I’ve added a lot more stores since this book includes the whole state. Maybe I’ll have a good excuse to go back to the Outer Banks again.

And where could I do book signings? A subset of those stores might be interested in a visit. And they wanted to know about radio and TV. Any potential there? I would love to get on NC Bookwatch. Most writers wanted to get on Oprah when she had her daily show. I would love to get on NC Bookwatch. I’ve met D.G. Martin, the host, but I couldn’t sell him. Maybe the publicist at the History Press will have better luck.

I dropped all those files in Dropbox, the hottest new tool for sending files over the Internet. No more shipping large files on a CD or using WinZip. Just drop them.

Now what am I doing with myself? Catching up with other stuff and cleaning out the refrigerator.


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