At the History Press

History Press staff

In Charleston, I took the opportunity to visit the History Press. They are publishing my book The Mountains-to-Sea Trail Across North Carolina. They’ve already gotten my manuscript, all the photographs, and my marketing plan. I took the opportunity to take a picture of the folks I’m working with:  
From left to right
Katie Parry, Publicist
Adam Ferrell, Publishing editor
Magan Thomas, Sales rep
Darcy Mahan, Project editor

The History Press is located just a little north of downtown Charleston in a refurbished building; the inside space is very modern. They gave me a whirlwind tour. Lots of editors, sales people, and other publishing types work in several open plan rooms. Their books were displayed in bookcases against almost every wall. We sat down in a conference room.

The main topic of conversation was publicity, marketing, and sales. After the book is researched, written, editor and printed, you have to sell it. More to the point, I have to help sell the book. I also see it as selling the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. Katie and Magan were full of ideas on where the book could be available, beyond bookstores. They had good relationships with many outlets, making my job easier.

I already have a date for my book launch at Diamond Brand Outdoors on March 26, 2013. You’ve put it down in your calendar, right? Katie will arrange book signings and a book launch in the Raleigh area a little later on. I enjoy traveling and talking about the Mountains-to-Sea Trail and it will be fun.
I came away with a good feeling for the folks at the History Press.     

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