Duckett Tower in Madison County


Sometimes I go on a half-day Carolina Mountain Club hike because the destination is unusual. I had heard that the Duckett Lookout Tower was on private land but that was a bit of a stretch.

DuckettTower RoadJack, our leader who lives in the area, led the hike. We started on Duckett Top Tower Road in the community of Trust close to the intersection of NC 209 and NC 63.

The trail was all on a steep dirt and rocky road. Two miles and 1,500 feet up makes for a good climb but the day was sunny and warm.

Private property signs abounded everywhere. At one point there was even a gate that we shimmied under. Three friendly dogs from the neighborhood followed us. We passed many broken down wooden shacks and abandoned buildings as we climbed.

DuckettTowerAt the top, the view was magnificent. It was worth the climb. The building looked quite modern. Inside the cab, as they seem to call the inside of the tower, was a bed and a couple of chairs.

We climbed the cat walk or deck for even better views. In front of us was Bluff Mountain. See the picture above.

Below in the distance, we could see the Asheville skyline. Close to the tower, transmission towers have been installed. And sure enough, we could get cell reception.

The tower was built by the US Forest Service in the 1930s. Maintenance workers must use the road when they work on the transmission towers. The Forest Service probably keep the road open and passable and the residents appreciate that, I’m sure.


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