Happy Thanksgiving with NPS Monopoly


We had a great Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house-turkey and all the fixings. We couldn’t have gotten more traditional with the food.

And then we played National Park Service Monopoly. What a great idea. The original Monopoly game used the names of the streets in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Maybe during the depression, that was considered a glamorous city. Now there are several different monopoly games including Disney and the Simpsons. But how could you buy and sell National Parks?

The NPS monopoly game was designed with the help of the National Park Foundation, the official charity of the National Park Service. Just as Friends of the Smokies is the official charity of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the National Park Foundation helps all parks.

Back to the game. Which park was going to be worth the most money? Yellowstone, worth $400. That was the equivalent of park Place. Then in descending order:

Yosemite – $350

Olympic – $320

Great Smoky Mountains National Park tied with Everglades for $300.

In case you’re wondering, the Capital Mall in Washington DC was worth only $60. Does that say anything about our Federal Government?

NPSmonopolypiecesThe playing pieces included a bear, ranger hat, canoe and hiking boot. I chose the hiking boot.

Instead of houses and hotels, you  bought ranger stations (brown pieces) and tents (green pieces). And of course, the Chance and Community Chest cards had been adapted to National Parks.

I doubt if this game will encourage families plan a National Park vacation. However if you buy the game, a portion of the sales goes to the National Park Foundation – and that’s good thing. Maybe for Christmas?


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