Jennifer and Hannah – role modeling?

Hannah and Jennifer Pharr DavisOne more day with our son and granddaughter. And who should be at Malaprop’s on Shop Local Saturday but Jennifer Pharr Davis?

As you recall, Jennifer holds the record as the fastest person on the A.T. She walked 2185 miles in 46 days and change in 2011. And she lives in Asheville.

No one has beat her yet.

Jennifer was signing books at the store and Lenny (Grandpa) took Hannah to meet her. The Appalachian Trail was still fresh in Hannah’s mind, since she had worked so hard on clearing our section of trail, just a few days before.

To add to the role modelling, Jennifer and her husband, Brew Davis, just had a baby girl. But Jennifer didn’t bring the baby to the store.

Brew could watch the infant for a couple of hours while Jennifer concentrated on her books and fans. It wasn’t going to take Jennifer months and years to get back to her business. Good for her!

Jennifer signed my copy of 46 Days, her husband’s blog about her record-breaking feat.

It’s never how far or how fast you go but what you take from your experience. Jennifer Pharr Davis 2012

I’m not sure I agree with this sentiment, but that’s a subject for another blog post.

So what is Jennifer planning next?

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